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October 4, 2012
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Shall we dance? by kunoichi-san Shall we dance? by kunoichi-san
"-Are you not dancing, lady Annabel? - she heard the familiar voice that sounded to her surprise politely, but in her heart she felt this falsehood and mockery.
She turned towards the questioner trying to look natural, however her heart was pounding hard in the chest when she looked into the eyes of the man who wanted her dead.
How suprised she was by his curent look... He didn't look like she had remembered him, during the night of their fight. He wasn't wearing his regular and ridiculous outfit and what's more important, he was without his blades.
- Ralph...? - she marmured watching him.
It was obvous that he wouldn't carry with him his weapon druring a party, but looking at him without being at least a bit nervous was almost impossible for her..
- Looks like you don't enjoy your party...? Everyone is so delighted that you have finally returned, lady Annabel
- You think so? They don't even pay attention to me - she said, glancing sceptically at the hall.
He grinned.
- Maybe it's because you're trying to be... invisible?
She felt shivers running down her spine. Then she saw in Ralph's eyes this ominous glow. She had the feeling he was able to read her mind, that he knew everything, her plan, the truth.
- No, I think it's just your imagination... - she said, trying to look confident.
- Really? So will you honor me with one dance... Lady Annabel? - he asked, giving his hand to her, smiling at her mysteriously.
Alyssa didn't say anything. She just gave him her hand glancing at him hesitantly.
- Does he know...? - she thought."

Picture for :iconfimii: - Alyssa and Scissorman Ralph.

EDIT: Gasp! A DD! O.O Thank you very much!
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ca90703 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
donwhitt Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Wow! Beautiful work.
Keyshe54 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014   Traditional Artist
The personality in this is awesome, love these two right of! Great details and design to the room! So festive and colorful! :O
keyko020988 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
omg ile szczegółów !!! podziwiam ludzi którzy przykładają tyle starań do szczegółów do tła do ozdób itp ja tego strasznie nie lubie najlepiej to rysowasłabym tylko postacie bez tła hehehe XDDD mega genialna praca:>
MirandaPavelle Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Professional General Artist
the technical beauty of this is staggering. I have never seen a style like it. It seems so deep, and even more realistic than a photo...
Chibimita Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Student General Artist
If this was/is a : "to be continued" or a fanfic, then I want to read it. Beautiful done.
WorldsEdge Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
It is clear that a lot of time went into this painting. Several levels (characters, foreground characters, floor and wall/windows), lots of attention to clothing (though m'lord could use to comb his hair before the ball!)
Zue Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Uwahh I love the BG so much~ *A* <333
NeckTieKat Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! Like it was made for a story book! :D
SupergeekGr33n Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012
The facial details and their rendering remind me ever-so-slightly of Phoenix Wright.
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